Silent Battles

Everyone has their own demons. Some of them stronger than others. Sometimes you feel muffled up by your own battles and you just can’t yell for help. Other times you feel trapped in your own fight because you can’t talk to anyone out of fear of how society treats truth.
Have you ever put your head in a bucket of water and covered it with a towel then tried not to breath for a while? This is exactly how it feels. You really want help. Actually you really need it but you just can’t ask. You’re afraid of how the judgmental people will view. Most probably the fear of losing those close to you is greater than the courage to seek help and therefore you end up in a silent battle.
This isn’t the kind of battle that takes two days and goes away neither is it the kind that has no consequences. It’s the kind that once you let someone in on it, their whole perception about you changes.
The biggest question here is should you risk confiding in someone and lose them or rather change their perception of you OR keep it to yourself and maybe battle it for probably the rest of your adult life?
I can assure you option B sounds convincing but it has consequences. However, option A is damn scary and needs a lot of courage.
It’s a tricky position many people find themselves in. So many people wish someone else would just get them and  understand their frustration. Well, it’s not too late dear. You can get through this. Just make the right decision and you’ll be fine. Involve the Almighty in this endeavor and you will be victorious.

Odindo Faith.

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