Do I Get Off?


Why do most people persevere some situations that to the common mwanachi seems not to make any sense? You go around asking, ‘Don’t they know when it’s time to get off?’

Well, getting off isn’t as easy as everybody purports it to be. Sometimes getting off isn’t even the  problem, it could be the strength, will and courage to get off that lacks.

For this particular article, I want to side with the other half of the society that believes that some of these situations are worth a second or even third chance. Notice I said ‘some’. I’m not referring to the situations where nothing that surrounds it is worth your time let alone your energy. I’m referring to a situation where you still can see some good come out of everything.

Getting off isn’t always the solution. Sometimes you can decide to get off and hike another ride with some new friends but you realize later that God was intending to make the situation better for you. I mean, sometimes you just have to trust upon Him to lead you.
You could be in a similar situation to what I’m talking about and you don’t know what to do. Let me be the first to tell you that you will figure it out. If it’s time to get off, He will stop the car for you to allow you get off without a single  scratch. His word says that He puts us in these situations with the full knowledge that we can weather the storm.

Odindo Faith


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