Not My Thing


She always had a remedy for each of her problems. For this particular one she knew sitting on the floor with her knees at chin level would work but it didn’t seem to work. She bent her knees to a level higher than her chin hoping it would take away some of the pain she felt inside but it didn’t.

Something was blocking her throat and she wished she could scream out loud but ‘it wasn’t her thing’. Tears were a sign of weakness to her. She wasn’t weak. She had gone through so much at such a young age but she’d made it through the hell and the high water.

The voice inside kept saying, ‘Go on dear. Let it all out’ but she fought it. She kept fighting but she couldn’t take it anymore. She burst out in tears. They steamed down her face as she struggled to get some air into her lungs. It was a really huge outburst that left her sprawled on the floor trying to catch her breath…


She kept saying to herself, ‘This isn’t happening…’

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