You’re going to be fine!


Everyone has heard this phrase more than a couple of times I believe. I know I have heard it and most of the time I don’t believe it at all.

This takes me back to the period when I’d just injured my eye and everything seemed dark to me. I was so afraid. No amount of encouragement seemed to calm me down. My sister kept saying, ‘you’ll be fine’ but it didn’t make any much sense. All I could think of was losing my dream career cause no one wants to train a blind doctor let alone be treated by one.

My parents kept saying the same thing, ‘it’s going to be okay, you’re fine baby’. Not even their encouragement worked. Finally when the doctor gave his diagnosis I was more afraid than I had been when I went to the hospital. His words still linger in my mind. He said, ‘That cut is so deep. Unless you hurry and go to the eye hospital in Sabatia for a surgery you’re going to go blind!’

You can tell how discouraging that was for me. Even after that diagnosis, my dad kept telling me I would be fine. I was like, ‘Did you hear what he said? Is that what you call fine?’

It wasn’t until the first surgery was successful that I started believing that I would actually be fine.

My point is most of us are visual creatures. Hell the wise men said seeing is believing so yeah it isn’t any of our faults but I’d like to give you a different perspective which is a sum total of the definition of the word faith.

Faith means believing without seeing. It’s more of the assurance that the things we hope for will come to pass. I know what you’re thinking and it probably is that faith isn’t easy. That’s true. It ain’t easy to have faith but it’s worth a shot

Sometimes when nothing seems to be going your way, try Faith. It sure works!



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