Remind Me Who I am


A time comes when I loose my way simply because I might be interested or even influenced to try out new paths. I may get lost on these new path and get myself into a fix with no one else to help me out of it. When that time comes, please Remind Me Who I Am.

I might even forget my name and the destiny I have to attain in the event of all the pressures of this life. I could reach a point where I can not recognize myself on the mirror because whoever I am seeing there is the exact replica of who I don’t want to be. When I reach this point please Remind Me Who I Am.

When my heart is  like a stone and all I do is give off steam to those who deserve my love and care. In times when I’m afraid of failing you and I just can’t open my heart to receive your love, please Remind Me Who I Am.

In the loneliest places when I need a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen, could you please be there to remind me that grace wins every time?

If I am your beloved, could you help me believe it? And tell me once again who I am?

That will be enough!


7 thoughts on “Remind Me Who I am

  1. That is possible in life journey though the crucial thing is for one to discover life purpose.Once that is done ,as a Christian you need to push yourself to read your bible daily until it becomes a life style,at the same time work on prayer life,ready quality books besides academic ones,spend some time in praising the Lord and worship.With your conscience glued by the spirit of God,you will overcome every challenge that comes your wag because His grace is always sufficient to those who love Him at all times!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. I really feel like I can relate to you on writing level. If its not too much to ask, I would really appreciate if you read a few of my pieces, my blog is gastradamus, let me know what you think if you have the time.

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