Release yourself

Ella looked down at her son and she could see his eyes turn pale. She lifted her head to look at the que and there were just five people before her. She could feel his heartbeat and could tell it was way higher than normal. His fever was so high. She had tried to control it all night with some Calpol but it didn’t quite hold. Tevin, her little boy, kept crying the whole night. He was unable to sleep. When she woke up to his cries in the morning, he was so pale. She didn’t have any money on her so she just cleaned him and began the walk to the hospital. She had been waiting for almost an hour on the que but she was close now.

“I’m free for consultation Miss. Send some my way.”

“Ok Dr. Hawi. Thank you for helping out.”


Ella looked up just in time to see this Dr. Hawi that had volunteered to help and she looked very familiar. She kept staring at her as she walked away and disappeared into an office. ‘Who could it be?’ The name Hawi wasn’t familiar but the face was kind of familiar. She hadn’t gotten a good glimpse of the facial features to make a final judgement but the symmetry was enough to give her clues. ‘Could it be Eva?’ She thought.

niece 3

Eva Gillian. The only wound in her heart that had never healed despite the many years. They said time heals everything but this one didn’t heal and wasn’t going to anytime soon.They had been best friends. Five amazing years together were just thrown away to the trash. They’d known each other in High School. They met the first day of their first year and they never broke. It was like they were each a piece of a two-piece puzzle that had just been put together and fit perfectly. Eva was just an angel sent from above. She had been there for her even in the darkest moments of her life when her family had shunned her away. Just before joining campus she’d gotten some incriminating information against her best friend and …

“Ma’am? Ma’am. Err, Ella?”

She snapped out of her daydream to find the nurse calling her and her son shivering in her arms. The nurse informed her to go to Dr. George’s office. The nurse took a look at her son and she made a face. She looked up at her again and said, “Ma’am, please go to Dr. Hawi instead. She’s the best pediatrician we have right now and looks like your child needs it.”

Ella nodded and followed the instructions. Tevin was fading away so she walked faster and when she got to the ‘second blue door’ she saw the title ‘DR. HAWI E.G’ She knocked on the door and walked in.

“Take a seat Miss Ella. I’ll be with you in just a few minutes.” she said

Ella realised she wasn’t looking up and had no clue about the name either. She was writing something on some card and she seemed to be very focused on finishing. Ella couldn’t help but notice the photo of the cute baby girl on her desk. She looked two or three years old. Just beside it was another photo of Eva and her husband. They looked very happy and their smiles told it all. She hadn’t changed much. Her baby face had still persisted despite the years.

Tevin made a sound and Ella looked down at him. He was trying to say something but he wasn’t able to. She felt him writhe on her lap. She noticed Eva had realised and was already taking pulse, temperature and heart rate measurements. She heard her call the nurse in and ask for a bed. All this time Eva hadn’t looked at her at all. She followed them to the wards and she watched Eva work hard to save her child’s life then she started to wonder if she would still do it if she knew who she was. The medical terms were so big that she got so alarmed but somehow she wasn’t that shaken. Part of her knew Tevin was in good hands.

After a long wait, a nurse walked up to her and explained that it was a bacterial infection but Tevin would be fine. She felt so much relief. She couldn’t stop thanking the nurse. She asked if she could see the doctor and she realised the nurse was a little bit hesitant but she promised to try. She wasn’t allowed to see her son yet so she just sat there and awaited her verdict from Eva. She had a feeling Eva knew exactly who she was but was trying to separate work and her personal life. Personal life wasn’t even the right term because she had ceased being part of Eva’s life 7 years ago.

“You can go in Miss Ella.” the nurse said to her.


Ella walked slowly towards Eva’s office. In her head were clues of the turn of events that would happen with their meeting. She had thought of several ways she would mess it up and she was aware she was going to do most of the talking so she had to be extremely careful. She knocked on the door and once she was allowed in she was met a smiling baby girl who said, “Aunty Ella!” She couldn’t resist that smile. She picked her up and walked towards Eva, who stood just beside her table and looked at her with a smile. “Hi Ella, meet your niece, Ella Troian.”

Ella was already tearing up. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Eva had known who she was from the minute she’d asked to help out with the children and she’d saved Tevin’s life without any grudges. She didn’t deserve any of it. She had imprisoned herself with a grudge but while she was imprisoned, Eva was living. Eva said to her, “I was angry at you Ella, for not believing me but I realised I wanted to simplify my life and let go of the poisonous past. I wanted peace and to have it I had to forgive you. I hold no grudge Ella. Release yourself too my dear…”

niece 2



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