Society’s opinion doesn’t count!🙅🙅

We live in a society that classifies us based on our physical. One look at your fellow classmate and some crazy thought pops into your head. You find it funny so you go tell it to others. The next thing you know, its all around campus. You hear them judge every aspect of other people’s physique in low tones and loud laughters. It could be how thin or crooked your legs are. Your figure could be their centre of gossip. It could also be your pimpled face. I mean, they will find a weakness by all means. It doesn’t matter what good is in your heart. To them, its all about the things about you that you couldn’t change and have learnt to live with.

Many times they will throw you off your A game because, lets face it, you’re human. Human beings have been known to be creatures that crave attention and complement. Sometimes that little voice in your head tells you that you need to make changes and adjust some of the major headlines about your physique so you go ahead. Google makes all things easy right? The internet gives you several solutions from other people who have gone through the same predicament as you and have invented ways to help them cope. So you stumble on one that fits you and there you go, trying to alter God’s amazing creation.

But let me ask, is it worth it? Being society’s puppet, is it worth it? You know, in business class, we are taught about the nature of human beings and one of the major ones is that they are insatiable. So you found a lotion that makes your face smooth, they will complement you for a week then the next week its all about your skin. They will keep at it and you will keep doing it until google runs out of solutions for you and by that time you’re no longer who you knew yourself to be. Your own parents can’t even recognise you.

You go into depression and you start wishing and regretting. Therapists take your money and because they want to keep it coming they tell you exactly what you want to hear. You are then caught up in an unending battle between the society and your therapist. You are in between and you have no idea what you can do about it. Its so hard for you to cope with all the insults and the gossip but truth is, you did it all wrong.! From the beginning, you started fighting the wrong battles. Changing your physical appearance was the wrong move. I know its human nature to respond to all the bad being said about you but just stay with me for a while and lets reason together here.

The scripture says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, in His image and likeness. It does not say we are perfect. No one is. Only the Almighty. You are beautiful/handsome. It doesn’t matter what other people say. The minute you know this in your heart, gossip ceases to affect you. You need to be comfortable in your own skin. That weakness they think they can use against you, turn it around to your strength. Inspire others. Teach them. Use your pimpled face to encourage other young people that pimples or no pimples you’re just as beautiful as any other girl on this planet. Be proud of who you are. Don’t give them a leeway to use your weakness against you. You are exactly who God created you to be. If they think otherwise that’s their business.

People will always try to bring you down because somehow in their sick mentality it raises them up. Pulling others down works for them and they feel like they are worth something too. Now that is their bone to chew, you shouldn’t meddle. Your response to them is the ultimate game changer. You react by hearing them and going all things google, they win. You assume and keep loving your skin, they lose but they learn a valuable lesson from you in the process; Its okay to be flawed. It is okay to be imperfect. It is our imperfections that make us all the more beautiful.

Society won’t agree with me and yes I know its not an easy topic but I want you, my dear reader to know, it doesn’t matter what you think of as a flaw on your body. He who created you calls you beautiful/handsome. He calls you loved. He calls you child of the King. You’re enough. Just as you are. You are created with purpose.

People don’t easily acknowledge the good in your heart and they never take time to know you for who you truly are and not for what they see but that shouldn’t discourage you. They say ‘be good but don’t waste time proving it’. It doesn’t matter how much you prove it to them, they will always find a leeway to bring you down. So why not just take the high road and love yourself unconditionally?:(😌😌



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