No longer a slave.😌

I’ve read so many heart breaking stories in my short life and the common thing about them is that at the end these subjects always have a breakthrough. When you’re reading these stories, there’s always this small voice at the back of your head that keeps screaming, ‘If I had to go through this I would handle it so well’. You would never say it out loud but its what is in your head. I admit that 90% of the time I just can’t help but feel this way. Its not until you experience it that you realise you are just as vulnerable as any human being on this damn planet.

I swore I’d never let myself be vulnerable for any reason. Believe me when I say I really tried. I calculated all my steps, counter checked all my words and apparently tried out this ‘keep calm’ thing. At the back of my mind I was proud of myself for not letting myself down. If you’ve already gotten the flow of this piece you’d agree with me when I say I was extremely careful.

It wasn’t until I realised that I was being too careful until it just felt like a lie and all I wanted was something real and tangible. I thought to myself, ‘ A little telling won’t really hurt’. So I started telling and I never stopped. Little did I know I made myself very vulnerable. The worst part is my story didn’t have a happy ending like all the others I had read.

Guess what? Gone are the days when people used to take advantage of your weakness and turn you against the very thing that makes you, YOU. My story didn’t have a happy ending so I just thought that maybe I could just turn my ending into my beginning and make me happy for once. Well, I turned out pretty amazing. I’ve gotten to a point where I’m so grateful to the people who made me question the beauty that is within me cause without them I sure wouldn’t be here today.


So I’m pretty much here to bring to your attention that your story doesn’t have to end in tears and ‘I wish I knew’. It could as well be your ‘From grass to grace’ narrative in a couple of years. Believe me when I say, “Been there, done that!” and baby don’t I love me some good memories now! 😉😉😉


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