Dear Kwaru,

It’s been months since you departed and not a single day has gone by without a thought of you. Sundays have never been the same for me. The warmth, love and joy that surrounded my Sundays aren’t a part of it anymore. I tried for months to make sense of your departure and I couldn’t find any reason apart from the painful realisation that it was time for you to go home and rest. Blood or no blood, you were family to me; a true friend.

My memory still lingers around our last goodbye. I didn’t see it coming. Not by a long shot. I still see you on that hospital bed barely able to hold it together but still showing so much hope. The smile on your face was priceless. Age couldn’t do a number on your smile, not even if it tried. Despite the pain, you stayed strong. All that could escape your mouth were praises to the Almighty. 

I remember asking God to restore your health. I kept telling Him to remember how you’d dedicated your life to serve Him. I said it over and over again as I walked out of the hospital that day. ‘Dear Lord, if not for my sake, but for the sake of  your servant lying on a hospital bed. Kwaru has served you in honesty and truth. Please remember him. Please’

When Dani called on Sunday morning, I was scared. All kinds of thoughts rushed through my head and I kept telling myself all was well. Dani said you were no more. Those words rang in my ears even after I hang up. My friend was no more. I just couldn’t comprehend it. I tried to hold back the tears as I tried to reach everyone who knew you to let them know of your passing. I just couldn’t do it. I broke down and I let them flow. There was no comforting me. I wanted to shut down and hibernate but I just couldn’t because I had to be the big girl. I had to be strong! 

Kwaru, I know you rest peacefully in heaven dancing with the angels and watching over us. I will never forget your silent teachings. You were the most humble, hardworking, generous and loving human being I met. You would always check up on me more times than even my agemates did. My name was always on your mouth when you prayed and to be sincere I believe that your prayers kept me going. Your smile would always shed light on me. Your unconditional love; those who knew you know exactly what I mean. For the short time I knew you I learned one important thing,

“Loving people out of your comfort zone, people who don’t share blood with you, people who actually need your love and care; costs you nothing! Being selfless in a selfish world is one of the most courageous things to do. You may have nothing material to show the world but all the things that make you special will count at the end of the day.”

I’m not sure any expression of emotions or articulation of words could ever quantify what a blessing you were to my life and many other people. I’m not even near half the person that you were but I really hope that I will follow in your footsteps. 

You are loved dearly. 

Your friend,


In memory of my departed friend, Mariko Obiero. Forever in My heart.❤❤


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