Wish Away

There was a time when I wished a lot. I was younger then and all I could do was wish. I could ask for it but we don’t always get what we want, huh? So all I had was wishful thinking. It was great when it lasted because all I could say was, “When I’m old enough…” It was easier that way. Just wishing away and keeping hope alive that when ‘old‘ comes knocking I’ll get all my wishes. 

No one ever tells you that part in the middle where wishful thinking only exists in fairy tales and stuff. You grow up, years go by and you’re always waiting for ‘old’ to come knocking. What you don’t realize is that ‘old’ comes knocking every year without fail but because your body is still vibrant and young, you still wait. 

The rude shock is that as you grow older the wishes also mature and you no longer want barbie doll-themed parties. You want or rather need trending fashion to get yourself popular in highschool. It doesn’t end there though, five years later you need a car to get you to work. Years later, you wish for a good school for your pretty princess or handsome prince as they go to kindergarten. Its not long before you begin wishing for grandchildren too!

Some of us are blessed enough to get all our wishes fulfilled but a huge percentage give up somewhere along the way. There’s no such thing as luck by the way! Wishes don’t come on a silver platter, you have to work your butt off. I have no doubt everyone knows this but there’s a difference between people who work so hard and get their dreams and those who work hard as well but do not have any of their wishes fulfilled.

It all lies in your motivation. You know, life goes so fast at times that we may forget to enjoy it and just focus on paying bills and school fees. Let your dreams and wishes be your motivation. It doesn’t matter how far gone you are, all that matters is that you paid attention to your purpose and fulfilled your dreams and got your wishes at some point in your life journey. 

Take a step back and just do you for a minute. Write those songs, cook those new recipes, learn how to play an instrument or two, go to the farm and do some ploughing, go on a road trip; point is take care of yourself and enjoy your youth before every other thing crops into your life and you lose track. Smile more, laugh a lot and stay happy ☺. It only takes a little motivation to get those wishes fulfilled. 

After all, the sole purpose of dreaming and wishing is the satisfaction of getting what you really desire right? So dream on! You are closer than you think.


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