Weak Heart


Just as she walked towards the polling station she saw him. She looked away and felt him look at her. She could see him approach her from the corner of her eye. Trish was so mad at him that she started pacing on the pavement instead of walking right into the polling station.

“Hi Trish.”
She heard him say and you’d have expected she wouldn’t answer but she looked up at him and there was that smile that always managed to confuse her on his face. She smiled back as she returned the pleasantries.

He turned around and walked into the polling station without saying another word. ‘Typical him‘ she thought to herself. She followed closely behind and after picking the ballot papers she realized she didn’t have a pen so she stood beside some strange girl waiting for her pen.

“Here T, use this.”
It was him. ‘Why was he always there when she needed something?’ She thought.
“Are you going to keep staring or will you take the pen T?”
“Err… Thank you.”
She looked at him as he disappeared out of the hall.

Once she was done, Trish left for home. Her brother’s apartment was her next stop. She’d always loved it away from her noisy family. Not that she didn’t love them, she did. They were just a little bit too noisy for her.

Her favorite spot, a cup of coffee and some movie; her evening was going to have a better turn out. Her phone rang,  ‘Who could this be?’ She reached her phone and his name showed on her caller ID. She declined the call then changed her mind immediately and called back.

“Hi T, you home?”
“Hi. No. Why?”
“Just wanted to talk.”
“Then talk”
“Ouch! Don’t be harsh Cherry, can I come over?”
There it was, that name he insisted on calling her that absolutely worked magic.
“Sure.” She heard herself say.
“Cool, on my way.” Then he hang up.

“What can I get you?” She asked him once he was settled in the living room.
“Just you”. He said and she blushed.
“Slow now, this can’t go on. It’s time we got this over with Jim.” She said to him while trying to regain her ‘serious’ face.

“Don’t make things complicated T, we are mature enough. Can we cut the crap and just be friends?”
Friends is better than losing him for good, I can do that.’ She thought to herself. “Yeah, sure. Of course. We were friends before all this,” she said to him, “but don’t you think we could give it another shot?”
“Really T? I don’t think so. We’re better off friends. Unless you want some benefits included.”
How could he? Did he just refer to me as an FWB?’ She was getting angry.
“Please leave my house Jim. Just go.” She had raised her voice. She knew it would work cause he’d never liked her crazy side.


He left as tears ran down her pretty face. He didn’t even look back. He just walked away. She knew that when it came to him she’d always had a weak heart. She’d never said no to him but he’d gone overboard and she had to speak up. It was time to let go of the jerk. He’d done enough damage to her pretty soul. She just had to accept she wasn’t good enough for him. No one was anyway!